Saturday, June 1, 2013

Before Seth Godin was Seth Godin

Before he was Seth Godin, marketer extraordinairespreader of ideasblogger who posts awesome content every single day to a gigantic readership, before all that he was Seth Godin of 2002, beginner blogger. 

Did you know that Seth has blog posts going back all the way to 2002? He, like the rest of us, started somewhere. Or more accurately, nowhere. If you go way back and read those archives, you will notice that he: 

Also, rather interestingly, he has been spreading the same message since 2002. That rambly entry goes: 

Quit your job. Right now. Stop doing something that’s crazy, risky and ill-considered. (Your current job is all three). Stop working for the factory and start building something that people will remember.

But he kept posting. And posting. And posting.

Scroll forward, way forward, we are talking roughly 2006 where Seth Godin hits his stride. He starts to sound like the Seth of today. His posts take on that style where he takes something specific, draws some kind of analogy, and makes a bigger point. He provokes and inspires in equal measure. By this point, he is posting every single day. 

Also interestingly, that brilliant post about the lizard brain comes only in 2010. 2010! 8 years after starting. Closer to yesterday than to the beginning. 

Today, in 2013, his posts easily get 2000 retweets and 1300 likes. Thousands, probably millions of people read him every day.

I read Seth Godin every day and sure, he repeats a few themes (like “pick yourself”, a very useful idea) over and over. But now and then he still amazes me with a story or idea I have never heard of.

Like this post from 2 weeks ago about Thomas Midgley:  

Midgley is responsible for millions of deaths. Not directly, of course, but by, “just doing his job,” and then pushing hard to market ideas he knew weren’t true…

Midgley is associated with adding lead to gasoline and inventing CFCs. The post is sharp and memorable. I had never thought about things quite that way. Thanks, Seth. 

Seth Godin has refined his craft over and over. And he’s only gotten better. 

It took years. More than a decade of blogging.

So if you are just starting out and you think nobody really reads your work and you’re writing duds half the time that really shouldn’t see the light of day, keep posting. Keep posting. 


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